Finding New Paths to move down paths!
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With Salt water as a potential fuel, and new ideas blooming everyday!

This site is dedicated to developing new types of motors, solar panels, wind power devices using modern ideas with maximum focus on creative ideas and explorations.

While most sites exploring overunity perpeptual motion and or free power type inventions, seem to have a free for all of different peoples ideas, projects and variations. False claims and scammers have made it hard to find the real facts. >>

>> Our goal is to provide a project devlopment platform in a focused and documented manor, by building the concepts from scratch, all intelectual rights will be Open Source from and owned by the community with proper credit going to the successful developers.

The top goal is designing this site for project repeatability and to bring great minds together.

By devolping a social networking portal, built into a project management software each aspect can be worked out discussed in a global manor..Finding solutions with focus and percision that I fond lacking in most of what I've seen online.

The true goal of Open Source is collaboration!!

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